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6 Months And Another Kiddo Later…



Six months! I have wanted to make so many updates about so many things and have just been busy, preoccupied, and exhausted. I’m starting this while Eleonore is having a (surprisingly) long afternoon nap. Hopefully I’ll be able to hit that publish button over to my right tonight at some point.

Oh, Eleonore is the new kid, by the way. She and Emmett have definitely been keeping me extremely busy, to say the least. She’s got quite the personality already! She deserves her own blog post, so I will have to work on one of those later. Which makes me think I might have to change the blog name… maybe a little add on at the end of Here Comes The Wildman, we’ll see what I can come up with.

I really wanted to update today because tomorrow is March 26th, Purple Day! I updated all about it last year. This year, we are celebrating Purple Day in a whole different way. A much better way! Some of you may remember our hospital stay that lasted for almost a week last summer when we were trying to wean Emmett off the ketogenic diet and it went horribly wrong. Well, since then, he has basically been seizure free. I am still hesitant to even type that out and put it out into the universe. He went from having dozens upon dozens (probably even 100s on some days) of seizures every day down to basically… none. We had started him on a new medication, Valproic Acid, and this one has been the first, and only thing that has worked to control his seizures. And because of this our little Wild Man is thriving and making so much progress! It’s incredible. His vision has dramatically improved, he is starting to crawl, he can sit up unassisted, he can bear weight and stand for short periods of time (with assistance), he is starting to drink on his own using his sippy cup, he is interested in touching his food and tries to bring it up to his mouth, he is interested in his daily surroundings and is starting to explore everything from curtains to things on the counter, he watches me as I eat and drink and watches us enter rooms, leave rooms and walk across rooms. Honestly, it’s just amazing to see. And it’s all been happening so fast we can hardly keep up with him!  He looks at us so much more and even scoots towards us when we’re playing on the floor. Just to have him purposely come towards me makes me want to cry. It’s just a little “hey mom!” and then he’s off to bang on his piano or drums. He plays with his toys! Like, really plays and interacts with them. Before he wasn’t motivated by toys at all and never played with anything. And any toy that made noise or played music would startle him and trigger seizures, so it’s no wonder he didn’t want to touch anything. He even goes towards Eleonore and watches her. He touches her face sometimes, ever so gently. She loves him, too. They were sitting beside each other in their high chairs last week and he reached down and held her hand. She looked up at me and just beamed! She was smiling so big, so happy that her brother touched her.

Honestly, we are just over the moon. We’ve been so busy cheering on both of our kiddos, hitting inchstones and milestones, seeing both of their personalities developing together… regardless of how trying it’s been or how tired I am all the time, both kiddos growing up together is such an amazing thing to see every day. This Purple Day will be a very happy one for all of us.


Drinking with his sippy cup!

IMG_9805 IMG_9795 IMG_9791 IMG_9781 IMG_9787 IMG_9788 IMG_9790


Author: Nicole Valdron

Just a loving mama.

2 thoughts on “6 Months And Another Kiddo Later…

  1. I’m totally teary with happiness! How exciting and thrilling and magical all that must be 😀

  2. Nik, that is all just such such wonderful news!! We are so happy for you guys– what great strides Emmett has made being a big brother– I just knew he would 😉

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