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Fun With Pudding! And I’m About To Split Open And Pop!

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This happened today.


Um, I have the cutest kid ever.  LOOK AT THAT FACE. He makes my heart melt.

We decided to put him in his stander today and see if he’d like to play with some pudding. He seemed kind of confused for the most part but didn’t mind it, either! We had to kind of coax him at the start and he seemed a bit weirded out that he had sticky stuff all over him. This was very different for him since we could have never done this while he was on the ketogenic diet.

More cute! A lot more cute!
IMG_8380 IMG_8381 IMG_8383 IMG_8385 IMG_8387 IMG_8388 IMG_8393 IMG_8395 IMG_8398 IMG_8399 IMG_8400 IMG_8405 IMG_8409 IMG_8416

Giving ol’ mom the stinkeye! This is a new face he’s started making pretty much all the time. Hilarious!

Emmett has been doing really well since he’s been off the diet and on the new med (valproic acid). It’s the first time since he’s been born where I’ve felt any sort of relief in regards to his seizures and health in general. And I know there are honeymoon periods when it comes to trying new medications when you’re dealing with intractable epilepsy, but I’m really hoping we’ve found a winner this time. He’s so much more alert and present! He seems to know what’s going on around him and can interact a little now and is starting to express some of his feelings. He actually plays with toys for more than 2 seconds and has fun doing it! We’ve even been able to dig out his toys that play music and make sounds! He couldn’t play with any of those before because they would trigger his seizures. It’s been so nice.

He’s also been eating really well, too! Although he still doesn’t like fresh fruit so hopefully that will change soon. But he LOVES asparagus. So much that for the first few weeks off the diet he needed asparagus at every meal.  If I was to get anything else into him I had to mix it with asparagus. But I’m not complaining, asparagus is a good thing to want to eat lots of.

Emmett’s also been doing really well getting up on all fours. That has been coming and going for the last year now. He goes through phases of being interested in it, but more so now that his seizures have been better controlled. He’s been propping himself up and sort of rocking back and forth and putting his hands forward. Or he bounces up and down and smiles. He’s even been grabbing onto the bumpers of his crib to steady himself and push up!

Seriously, it’s amazing just how different he is with his seizures controlled. It’s almost like we’re meeting him for the first time. It’s been making my heart swell more and more every day.

Speaking of swelling, my stomach has swelled and reached it’s breaking point. The muscles on top of my stomach have decided to tear and separate leaving me pretty much on bed rest. It’s fancy name is diastasis recti.  About two weeks ago I picked Emmett up out of his highchair and when I set him down on me to carry him, I felt such an awful searing pain. Emmett weighs 30lbs and his three feet tall. And since he doesn’t help support himself when we carry him (wrap his legs around us, etc) he just hangs on us. I guess my belly couldn’t take that extra weight anymore which made me feel horrible. I can’t pick him up or hold him anymore and my mom had to come down a week early to help do all the lifting. I’ve been feeling pretty useless and upset that I can’t play with him, especially since I’ll be getting a c-section that will bust me up for even longer. At least this happened towards the end of my pregnancy. So I’ve been feeling pretty uncomfortable and complainy. And here are more complaints! I also have carpel tunnel in both hands, my knees are all loosey-goosey and my feet always feel like they’re going to break when I stand up. Oh and my hips are always burning and it feels like a horse kicked me in the junk. TMI? Maybe, but there you have it.

Only five more days to go! Unless she decides to come before then. I can’t believe we’re going to have a little baby in five days! I want to see her face! Hopefully I’ll have a better recovery this time around and once I’m healed up I’ll be focusing on lots of core exercises to get my stomach muscles feeling better. I need to make sure I get myself in shape for the kiddos. No more laziness! No more excuses! Emmett needs his mama to be able to lift and carry him everywhere! I need me some muscles.

And this will most likely be the last post until after baby gets here. And then I will have two cute kiddos to post photos of! 🙂


Author: Nicole Valdron

Just a loving mama.

One thought on “Fun With Pudding! And I’m About To Split Open And Pop!

  1. Please don’t push recovery after a c-section too fast!! When I had my abdominal surgery I tried to push too fast and ended up in really horrible pain and back in the hospital.

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