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Shopping Carts and Beds, OH MY!

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I’m really excited because I’ve found some special needs equipment recently that would make some things so much easier (and safer) for us!

Emmett is growing to be quite a tall boy and since he’s not your typical 2 year old, we’re facing quite a few challenges already. I came across Caroline’s Cart today. This is so awesome, you have no idea. I was just telling Ryan a few weeks ago that I wished stores had carts available for children with special needs. Since Emmett can’t sit up on his own, we can’t put him in a regular shopping cart. Usually I have to do groceries by myself in the evening, or Ryan will come with me on the weekend while he pushes the cart and I push Emmett in the stroller. It would be absolutely fantastic if our stores here could get on board with this. I want Emmett to be as involved with things we do as much as possible, and this would make grocery shopping so much easier for me to get done during the week. That way we can do other things as a family on the weekend instead of groceries! There’s a spec sheet on the website so I had Ryan print a few copies out. I’ll be bringing them to Sobeys, Superstore and Walmart and hopefully talk to the managers about it. I’d like to try and get this out there so other families can see that this is available and they too can speak to store managers about it. Might be even worth contacting some newspapers to get the word out! Seriously, this would help a lot of families. Caroline’s Cart also has a facebook page so pass along the info to someone you might think may really benefit from these!



Another thing we’ve been looking a lot into lately are special beds for Emmett. Since Emmett loves to get up on all fours and doesn’t really have spacial awareness, he launches himself forward or sideways. Or when he’s feeling extremely adventurous, he gets right up on his knees and flings himself backward… or forward… or sideways. And does these acrobatics at 3am.  I bought some kitchen chair cushions to tie around the top of his crib so he can at least launch himself into those. The crib is still sidecarred to our bed, so when he does feel like doing this in the middle of the night I can catch him before he smashes himself around and settle him down.

There are two beds that I really like. The first one is The Safety Sleeper!




It’s essentially a zippered tent bed that you slip a mattress through. There’s a great coverlet on it so when Emmett rolls to the edge, he can’t fall in between the tent and mattress. In the above photo, foam pads can also be purchased to cover the poles on the outside, which is something we would need for Emmett for sure.


What I really love about it is that it’s portable! It would be so great when we travel for his appointments, visit family (which doesn’t happen very often because of sleeping situations) or go on vacations. All we need is a blow up mattress to throw in it! The photo below shows one in a hotel room.


See? FANTASTIC! We need our WildMan to be safe at night. This bed, after all said and done, will probably be around $2500. We’re currently looking into seeing if our insurance will pay for part. If they will, Social Development might also be able to help pay for some of the cost as well. Just waiting on a letter from our pediatrician “proving” why Emmett needs this. Fingers crossed!

The other bed is a Sleep Safe Bed. This one is insanely expensive. The starting price is $8500… I know, right? Craziness.

I love that the sides are high and can also be padded.


And that it comes in these fun colors!

However, this one obviously isn’t portable.

I think we’ll be aiming for the tent bed first. That one should hopefully last him for a long time and, if need be, we can look at purchasing the larger bed for him when he’s older.

Thank goodness for the internet, seriously. I’m always looking for things that will make things easier for us and for Emmett and finding the tent bed and these shopping carts made me so happy! Let’s just hope both can become a reality for us soon. 🙂


Author: Nicole Valdron

Just a loving mama.

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