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A Quick Birthday Party Update

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Emmett will be turning TWO on Thursday! We had a birthday party for him on Saturday with just immediate family. I had a very talented past co-worker draw up a birthday poster for his birthday party. It’s AMAZING! I love it so, so much.

emmett_colour_final2 IMG_7908 IMG_7898

Of course there were cupcakes!

And Emmett got a whole new summer wardrobe, which he desperately needed. He seemed to like his new clothes!
















And a jump-o-lene from us! He’ll have fun bouncing on his bum in here, I think. Once Ryan is finished his playroom/sensory room this will go in it.

Even though we only had immediate family at his party (our parents and Ryan’s sisters), it was still really rough on Emmett. He missed his afternoon nap because there was too much going on. Lots of voices and noises kept him awake. Since he has a visual impairment he’s really sensitive to sounds. After everyone left he started having a lot of seizures and couldn’t even fall asleep until 11:30pm that night. He had a decent nap yesterday morning but still had a really restless sleep last night and only finally fell asleep and midnight. Today he’s been having a lot of seizures again. It makes me so sad. I get so nervous when we have more than 4 or 5 people in the house at once because I know it’s hard on him. We didn’t even invite any of his little friends and that makes me even more sad. After this party it kind of makes me not want to have anymore for him! It just completely wipes him out and he gets so many more seizures. I hope that one day he won’t be as sensitive so we can have celebrations for him and not have to worry about what will happen. I’m watching him on our video monitor right now and he’s having yet another restless sleep and is pretty much wide awake again.

We’re heading to Halifax/IWK again this week for Emmett’s eye exam and to speak with the neurologist about his MRI that he had in March. That trip will screw him up even more, too. He never sleeps well when we’re not home and his eye exam is during his afternoon nap. ARGH! And of course we go to Saint John next week for the 24 hour EEG. Everything is hitting at once and I can’t wait for next week to be over. Hopefully we can get Emmett back on schedule and his seizures settled down a bit.

We’ll be in Halifax for his actual birthday, so I will bring some balloons and we can have a little birthday celebration in the hotel room. Our crazy WildMan is almost officially two years old. Amazing 🙂



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