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Gait Trainers and Dandelions!

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We have entered the exciting world of gait trainers! What are gait trainers? Well, here’s a good definition from good ol’ wikipedia:

A gait trainer is a wheeled device that assists a person who is unable to walk independently to learn or relearn to walk safely and efficiently as part of gait training. Gait trainers are intended for children or adults with physical disabilities, to provide the opportunity to improve walking ability. A gait trainer offers both unweighting support and postural alignment to enable gait practice. It functions as a support walker and provides more assistance for balance and weight-bearing, than does a traditional rollator walker, or a walker with platform attachments. It also provides opportunities to stand and to bear weight in a safe, supported position.

Lately we’ve noticed that Emmett has been more interested in standing (while we hold him under his arms) than trying to sit or crawl. When he gets up on all fours he goes straight up onto his knees. He just wants to get up! So we asked about gait trainers at one of Emmett’s last pt sessions and we gave it go! When he first went in it at pt he sped forward almost right away. It was so awesome! I really wish I would have gotten a video, but I did get some photos while he was standing in it. And lucky us, we got sent home with it so Emmett could practice!

Bear with me, lots of photos! The first few are of Emmett and Ryan having some snuggle-relax time waiting for the gait trainer to make it’s official appearance. It’s so nice to see our big boy standing upright!



















We’ll see how it goes for the next two weeks and if we feel he’s ready for one then we’ll look into getting one for him. I’m hoping we can get one on loan from the Easter Seals if they have one, because this one in particular, after all said and done, is about $2,000. Sigh. Special needs equipment is so !@#$ expensive it’s unreal. And extremely frustrating. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a video soon! He’s been having quite a few little seizures over the weekend, so whenever we put him in the trainer he has a hard time concentrating on what he’s doing.

In other news, we have an appointment at the IWK coming up again. We’ll be meeting with the neurologist to discuss Emmett’s MRI results and then he has an eye exam after. His eye exam was supposed to be last December but they’re apparently very short staffed in the ophthalmology clinic so we’re finally getting in now. Only thing is that we’ll be there for his 2nd birthday. I asked about rescheduling but it won’t be until fall, and maybe even winter, before they can fit us in again. We’re doing his birthday party with family this coming weekend, though! I can’t believe our Wild Man is already 2!

We had some really nice weather today so we brought Emmett outside to hang out in some dandelions.






Oh, how I absolutely adore this little boy.


Author: Nicole Valdron

Just a loving mama.

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