Wildman Emmett!

This turkey's determined.

Keep On Keepin’ On


Let’s see, what have we been up to.


First of all!

    -EMMETT FINALLY ATE A SOLID FOOD/KETO MEAL! AHHHH! After exactly 2 months of not wanting food since he got sick back in February. Here’s hoping he’ll eat more meals tomorrow!

    -He is getting up on all fours a lot more!

    -His vision has started to kick in again! He’s been tracking objects, looking at toys we present to him and making some eye contact and looking at our faces!

    -He has an interest in standing again! While we hold him up, of course.


Second of all, why did no one ever tell me how scary croup is?! We ended up taking poor Emmett into the ER last Saturday night. We had no idea what was going on. He had a bit of a runny nose earlier that day and by dinner time he had the barky cough and his voice sounded so, so awful. He was having such a hard time breathing when he went to bed. It hit him so hard and so fast. I couldn’t believe how terrible his breathing was! I wasn’t that scared since he had his first seizure when he was 2 days old.

We got to the ER at 9:30pm and got home at 4:00am. The doctor thought he was going to have to be admitted so I headed home around 1:30am to get some sleep and pack up his meds and ketocal for breakfast. But around 3:00am his chest really cleared up and Ryan called me to go pick them up. He was given a few nebulizer masks and a steroid to bring the inflammation of his larynx down. His voice was back to normal Sunday morning and now he’s fine! It left just as quick as it came, so weird.

Last week we had lots of appointments, one being with a social worker from social development. We found out yesterday that Emmett’s case has been accepted. A social worker is supposed to get in touch with us in a few weeks. More info on what that’s all about here.

We also had our APSEA appointment and she brought him a resonance board! I’ll let you be the judge whether you think he enjoys it or not. He even does a Michael Jackson impersonation at the 0:26 mark!

A resonance board is a flexible sheet of wood that gives tactile and auditory feedback whenever Emmett moves and especially when he kicks it. The kicking makes a sound and vibration and encourages him to repeat the movement. Kinda neat.

This week I had to cancel Emmett’s PT because I wanted him to rest after that horrible croup thing. His next appointment is only on May 9th. Having to reschedule his PT is one of the reasons why I really hate when he gets sick. And next week it’s our appointment in Saint John with the neurologist for a regular half hour EEG and to discuss our millions of questions about his MRI results. I’m feeling a bit (a lot) anxious for that. We’re also seeing his pediatrician next week so we’ll be able to talk about his MRI results a bit then, too. And we see APSEA again next week as well as the registered nurse. Another jam packed week!

Emmett’s also been getting pretty spoiled in the last few weeks. I realized his high chair was only a 33lb weight limit and he’s at 30lbs. But since he’s always rocking and smashing into it, that wears on the thing even more. His memere and pepere bought him a fancy new high chair that has a 50lb weight limit. So hopefully this will last for another little while!

His thumb cracks me up. Emmett approved!



Caught him right before a sneeze. He was still pretty stuffed up when these were taken.
We also bought a new stroller. A DOUBLE stroller! For Emmett and baby #2 on the way! I did quite a bit of searching for strollers. We needed something with a decent weight restriction for Emmett and one where we could have a rear facing seat so we can always see Emmett to keep track of seizures. We decided on the Baby Jogger City Select (in red)! Each seat has a 45lb weight limit and 16 different seating arrangements.




Emmett also got his first piece of special needs equipment – a bouncy chair! Also a birthday gift from memere and pepere! Emmett is too big for any of the typical chairs that are sold in stores because most kids are independently sitting and walking by the time they’re… um, I don’t even know, exactly. But you get the point. The chair we got for him though is just a little too big for him right now. Dangit! But he’ll grow quickly and fill it up soon. The chest restraint hits him right at the chin right now. He kinda likes to chew on it, though. I couldn’t stop laughing when we first put him in it. He had no idea what to do with his arms, haha.



“Where do my arms go?!”

Rollercoaster ride?
His feet don’t quiiiite touch the ground yet. I think we’ll put something under him so he can use his feet to push and make the chair bounce.

What a turkey. Love this kid!


Last but not least, Emmett got a care package from Auntie Trish that included this really awesome book!

Told you he’s been getting spoiled! But he deserves it all, of course.

As you can see we’ve been keeping really busy here at the Valdron household. And busy is a good thing. It keeps our crazy minds occupied.


Author: Nicole Valdron

Just a loving mama.

2 thoughts on “Keep On Keepin’ On

  1. Wow! What a week! That’s quite the stroller too. Probably worth it’s weight in gold!

    You sound much better this week. Glad things are looking up 🙂


    Sent from my iPad

  2. LOve your blogs, love you guys!

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