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Another Baby V! First Haircut!





The secret’s out! We’re expecting Baby V #2 in September, YAY! We’ve been really excited about it. And, I must admit, I keep forgetting that I’m pregnant because Emmett keeps me so busy. I’m 13 weeks and officially in my second trimester already. I have a feeling that this pregnancy is going to go by insanely fast. Insanely. Fast. I’ve been feeling pretty good. No morning sickness, just a bit of nausea here and there. But, there’s the whole feeling tired thing. I was super wiped out when I first got pregnant. I was going to bed at 8pm and taking two naps during the day with Emmett. I can stay up later now though and just indulge in one nap if I can.

I know a lot of people are wondering if we’re nervous about having more kids. Yes, we are. So, it’s a good thing that Emmett is keeping me busy. We have no idea what to expect. We had a few rounds of genetic testing done that all came back “normal” and our doctors think it’s unlikely that another child could be born with whatever it is that Emmett has. But, of course, the doctors can’t be 100% certain, either. However, we are 100% certain that we want more kids. I knew I wanted more kids when Emmett was just a few months old. Even though we were constantly in and out of the ER and doctor’s offices (and still are), I knew I wanted more kids. It’s all we know with Emmett and we’ve gotten into the groove of the routine and schedule. It helps that Ryan and I are on the same page about everything with it comes to caring for Emmett. We’re both very hands on and would do anything for him. And the same will go for Baby V #2.

My parents were visiting this past weekend and my mom gave Emmett his first haircut! I haven’t been in a hurry to cut his hair and I’ve kinda wanted to let it grow. But where he’s not able to sit and walk around, his head is always rubbing on his chair, his play mats and in bed so his hair has been getting really knotted up. He was so good! Poor bub had some red cheekies, though. Those frigging top molars need to stop messing around and come out.











And of course I kept a lock of his hair! Of course it was one of the curls that used to be in the back! It has found a home in his baby book. I took a photo of it but it’s still on my memory card and I’m feeling a wee bit too lazy to upload it.

Ryan and I were also able to go out for lunch at The Palate this weekend. It was nice to get out but I’m so not used to being in spaces where there is a lot of people and chatter anymore. It was so loud that at first I kept worrying about the noise level for Emmett. It even seemed to overwhelm me at times! We always stay way from loud, people-packed places because it’s too much for Emmett and increases his seizures.

Speaking of seizures, they’ve reduced again! And we’ve successfully weaned him off keppra! He’s now on 3 meds instead of 4! I get teary eyed thinking about it, it makes me so happy. Next week we’re going to try and wean him off the vigabatrin. I am going to throw a party if he’s able to get down to 2 medications. I’ve been so happy (happy doesn’t even begin to explain it, really) that his seizures have reduced, it’s so awesome. I’m not sure if it’s because we raised his ratio to 3.5:1 before he got sick or if it’s because he’s just on ketocal formula right now. He still wants nothing to do with any of his prepared meals. I feel like he’s never going to eat again! We’re not quite sure what to do. He doesn’t want to open his mouth the second he feels the spoon on his lip and shakes his head back and forth. He doesn’t even really want to drink his formula from his cup, we have to squirt it in his mouth with the medicine syringe still. Him getting sick has completely thrown him all out of whack. Maybe once those molars can break through he’ll want to eat again, too.

We have a big appointment in Halifax this week for Emmett’s MRI, and just our luck, we’ll be getting hit with not one, but two snow storms while we’re traveling. Send safe travels our way!


Author: Nicole Valdron

Just a loving mama.

3 thoughts on “Another Baby V! First Haircut!

  1. what a wonderfully happy update 🙂 i always dreaded the first haircut as well, especially when it meant cutting off the curls 😦 that’s fantastic he was so good for it!!!

  2. Emmett is handsomer than ever ( if that’s possible 😉 ). So glad to hear that his meds are down. I’m sure that once his molars are through he’ll feel more like eating again. Most little ones go through this stage with there molars. It’s so painful for them. Hugs to you all!

  3. Yay! Congrats family! Was awaiting that news.. LOL 🙂
    Hope Emmett is feeling better soon. We are teething over here too.. forgot what a process that is 😦

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