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A Very Merry (and late) Valdron Christmas

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MERRY (a week ago) CHRISTMAS! I started this post the day after Christmas…oops! I’ve been too busy enjoying family time.

This was the first year we stayed home for the holidays, and it was FANTASTIC. That’s pretty much all I wanted for Christmas this year. We didn’t have to worry about traveling in bad weather, packing up our entire house, Emmett not sleeping, etc… It was really great to be at home with my two favorite boys. I told Ryan he wasn’t allowed to do any work around the house all day. I made him sit and relax. If you know Ryan at all you know that he has to be doing something 24/7, he can never sit still. But he did! We lazed around, had a big breakfast, opened gifts, ate lots of chocolate, lazed around some more and some Bailey’s even found its way into my coffee. It was such a cozy, perfect day. We’ve actually managed to have a ton of cozy perfect days! Viva Christmas at home!

And good news on the energy front! Emmett’s energy has been picking up since we reduced his phenobarbital. He’s starting to get up on all fours again with our help. He’s been kicking his mattress when he wakes up, standing and jumping when we hold him up and he’s starting to slowly make some sounds again! Every now and then I can get him to crack a smile. I can’t wait for his smiles and laughing to happen regularly again.

And now, can we just take a moment and think about how fast this year flew by? I can’t believe Emmett is 19 months. On the one hand it feels like he was just born but then at the same time it feels like 10 years have gone by. It’s WEIRD. Anyway, I’ll leave my deep thoughts for the New Year update. And hopefully I’ll get that one posted soon and not a month from now.

Ryan is back at work today (sad face). It was so nice having him home. I have to send out some emails and and make some calls to get appointments for Emmett sorted out. The new dietician has started at the IWK and I’ve added some new recipes to Emmett’s Ketocalculator online for her to make up for us. Figured I’d give her some practice. 😉 So it’s back to the ol’ routine.

And finally, here are some photos from Christmas day. Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year!

Emmett wearing his new bear hat and mitts from his auntie Michelle and uncle Jason.


A very special bow for a very special Wild Man!
Emmett’s new puzzle! I really liked the simplicity of this and the big shapes.

Look who got a Wild Man blanket!
I love this photo. His hand with his dad’s hand. It makes Emmett look so tiny!
A grumpy looking Emmett 🙂
His present from his PT… he loves it! It plays a song and also vibrates.



Looks like he’s trying really hard to open a present.
His cool light up fan!





Getting a closer look.




Whenever we give Emmett something to hold or look at, he always brings it very close to his face and puts his lips on it. It’s his way of checking things out and exploring.
Tasting his black and white animal cards. I spy a kitty walking behind him, too.
Having a Christmas lounge!
A favorite of mine! Linus snowglobe.
Emmett’s present to daddy!
Ryan playing with Frankie, haha.

Frankie sleeping while sitting up.
Emmett’s Christmas dinner! Chocolate cheesecake! It smelled just like brownies.



Ryan bought me Belgian chocolate cupcakes! They might have been my favorite gift.


Author: Nicole Valdron

Just a loving mama.

One thought on “A Very Merry (and late) Valdron Christmas

  1. NICE….lots of wonderful pictures…thanks for sharing all of them. Also excited that he’s responding more and doing better. I don’t like all that relaxing…you may want to make a habit of that and we did miss you. I understand though….if we have to not have you guys. Happy New Year and we love you guys…Aunt Donna & Uncle Roger

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