Wildman Emmett!

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The Toy Dilemma


While I was pregnant for Emmett there were so many things Ryan and I talked about doing with Emmett. I couldn’t wait for him to draw me pictures and I couldn’t wait to buy him his first camera… I was so anxious to see the world through his eyes. Ryan couldn’t wait to teach him how to ride a bike, play hockey, play baseball, golf… ok, probably all sports. There was just so much we talked about being anxious for. All of these things seem so very far away right now. While I still would love for all of these things to happen, the one thing I want more than anything is to know what his little voice would sound like if he could call me mommy. I hope that day happens. I don’t care when, I just really hope it happens. And if maybe he could follow that with an “I love you” and a hug, my life would be complete. Ok, and maybe a kiss. He really needs to get me back for all the kisses I give him, right? Right.

And now since Christmas is right around the corner, we’re faced with the toy dilemma again. I know I shouldn’t feel down in the dumps about buying him toys, but I can’t help it. We see so many toys that other kids play with that look like so much fun. According to Playskool the recommended age for Miss Elefun is 9-24 months and helps with:

  • Motor skills
  • Social and emotional development
  • Speech and language
  • Physical development
  • Hand to eye co-ordination
  • Visual development

Emmett has made progress in these areas, but the fact is that he is delayed in all the above mentioned.

So, yeah. It’s really difficult to see lots of toys that are recommended for his age, that he wouldn’t have any idea what to do with. It’s silly how sad Elf On A Shelf makes us feel. A lot of my friends on facebook are getting excited to take their Elf out and plan ideas on what kind of mischief the Elf can get into. We would love to have that experience with him. And hopefully someday we will.

But for now he needs very simple toys. His favorite toys usually come from APSEA. They’re specially made toys for children with visual impairments. Which is great, and they help him learn cause and effect. I’m extremely thankful for his “laptop” that they’ve let us borrow. It’s probably the only toy that can hold his attention for a little while (he’s never really been toy motivated). Except for light up toys! He loves those and will be getting lots of new light toys for Christmas.

One thing I bought him is the crayola color wonder paint palette. I realize this is advanced for him but we’ll help guide him as he uses it. I love the idea that the palette lights up depending on the color the brush touches. I’ve also been able to find lots of high contrast books for him on Amazon, so that is also really great. He also showed some interest in a Rubbabu car at his last PT appointment. They’re fantastic! Soft, fuzzy rubber and bright colors… basically perfect for him. They also have blocks and letters. We try to buy him soft toys when we can because he tends to smash whatever is in his hand into his head. Now this isn’t soft, but it’s a nice simple puzzle from Kid O that happened to be on sale over at zulily today!

So while Emmett can’t play with most things that an 18 month old would usually play with, there are things out there for him. We just have to look a bit harder and use our resources such as APSEA to help us out and get ideas from the toys he plays with at PT. Speaking of PT, Emmett got an invitation to the Children’s Rehab Christmas party on December 12th! I think we’ll head on over and party it up PT-style. Word on the street is that Santa will be there to give out special gifts to the kiddos. Emmett will have lots of presents under the tree, that I’m sure of.

And the tree has been put up as of Saturday night! It’s starting to look all Christmas-y up in here. We took some photos of Emmett sitting (YES, sitting!!) in front of the tree yesterday. He’s still lethargic and not quite himself since he’s started the diet, but he’s been sitting up better! It doesn’t last for too long but just a few seconds at a time is better than no sitting at all.

Look at this gorgeous boy!


Author: Nicole Valdron

Just a loving mama.

4 thoughts on “The Toy Dilemma

  1. Emmett is truly a beautiful and so very precious baby. The progress he has made brings smiles to my heart. Keep blogging; I love to read about Wildman Emmett and his wonderful parents. Love and hugs, JB

  2. Emmett truly is a handsome little boy! Have a blessed, wonderful Christmas this year! Hugs to all!

  3. Brynn says, “He’s so cute!”

  4. Beautiful grandson, wonderful daughter and son in law …. The best parents on planet earth. What a lucky boy Emmett is to have you as parents. Love, love, love Mom ox

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