Wildman Emmett!

This turkey's determined.

Feeling Recharged

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This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. I say it that way because I’m lucky to be a dual citizen, so I can celebrate Canadian AND American Thanksgiving! Woohoo! We didn’t have any appointments last week because Emmett was still sick (and still has a lingering cough) so we had some much needed down time. The weather was perfect and the foliage is amazing right now!

We headed over to Country Pumpkin to pick out our pumpkins.

Perfect blue skies that day! And it wouldn’t be a visit to Country Pumpkin without seeing this:

He was just chowing down on the pumpkins. No biggie.

Of course Emmett needed his own special little pumpkin. It’s about the size of my palm… so cute!

Pumpkin seeds were roasted, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies were made, turkey was consumed, photos were taken and time was spent with family. It was a really great long weekend. I’m feeling recharged and am in a good place again.

Emmett has been making strides with crawling! He’s scooting his knees forward but he doesn’t know what to do with his hands yet. Ryan and I try to move his hands and knees together to give him a better idea that the two need to go together. He’s been working so hard and is so determined! He may crawl today, next week or in a year. Whenever it is, we’ll be here to cheer him on. He loves being cheered on! He gets this big goofy grin across his face when we shout, “YAAAAY, EMMETT!” Love it.

Check out that form!

Just hanging out looking handsome… and flashing some Blue Steel.

When he was sick he was constantly letting his tongue hang out, it was sad  (because he was having troubles breathing) and funny at the same time. Poor bubs! So glad he’s feeling better now, he had a really rough go with it. And it’s STILL lingering after two weeks.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend, Canada!

And again, since it’s awesome, here’s the video I uploaded last night of Emmett getting his almost-crawl on!


Author: Nicole Valdron

Just a loving mama.

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