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House of Sick (help!) & IWK In A Month-ish

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Well, it seems as though we’re all sick. Emmett started coughing almost 2 weeks ago, so I’m a little confused as to what’s going on with him. We had brought him to the doctor on day four of coughing and she said she didn’t think he was sick. His throat looked fine, chest/lungs sounded clear, no fever, regular appetite and acting his normal self. Since then he’s usually woken himself up once at night coughing.

But last night, he was coughing ’round the clock. His nose sounded leaky, too. He’d inhale and suck everything in and then exhale through his nose and blow everything out. Well done, bub! I elevated his mattress and this morning when we got up, of course his feet were up on the elevated part. And poor guy had boogers stuck all over his forehead.

My throat was feeling scratchy last night and now I have a full blown cold. Ryan started to get sick this past weekend so either Emmett really WAS sick and gave it to us. Ryan has been working non stop for the last little while so I imagine he’s run down. Maybe Emmett’s cough was teething related up until now? I really have no idea. But nearly two weeks of coughing and only now it’s starting to get worse, seems odd to me. Although, his meds lower his immune system so he could just be sick for longer. This is why we try to make sure he doesn’t get sick. I’ve had to cancel some appointments and I’m really hoping that the IWK doesn’t want to admit Emmett next week, because we’ll most likely have to cancel if we’re all still nursing a cold.

Speaking of the IWK, we did hear back shortly after I posted the last blog, and they want to admit him for a week at either the end of October or start of November. There are two other kids waiting to be admitted ahead of Emmett for the diet. In the meantime, if his seizures worsen, we might have to try a new medication. This is one thing I really don’t like about Emmett being sick, it means he has more seizures. His coughing triggers seizures and if he wakes up coughing at night, and doesn’t fall asleep quick enough, he’ll have more. I really hope he gets better soon. He has enough seizures throughout the day, he doesn’t need to be plagued with them during the night, too. I really wish I could take them away from him.

My mom is arriving for a visit today. Since we’re all feeling down in the dumps, I don’t think I’ll protest when she offers to do housework.

Any remedies you can recommend that can boost my immune system in a hurry? I have a feeling I’m in for a bunch of sleepless nights.


Author: Nicole Valdron

Just a loving mama.

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