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Phone Calls, Phone Calls & Mrs. Drama Queen

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I’ve been on the phone constantly this week. Calling the pediatric dietician, calling the neurologist in Saint John, trying to get through to the neurologist at the IWK in Halifax, the dietician again, our family doctor, the neurologist again, moving appointments around, making new appointments… etc, etc. And with all of these calls have come a lot of frustration, a rise in blood pressure and an obscenely large consumption of cookies.

We’ve been trying to iron out the details in regards to the ketogenic diet dealio. We will need to admit Emmett into the hospital in Halifax for a week while we get him started on the diet. Since it’s so extensive, it’s what’s best, and the IWK has a team of 20 professionals that deal with this sort of diet on a daily basis. It’s been a bit difficult getting things sorted because our neurologist in Halifax has been MIA since the spring. The other neurologist had no idea where she had gone or when she’d be back. I’ve left a few messages at her office over the summer inquiring about an upcoming MRI and never heard back. The pediatric dietician here has been trying to reach her office all week with no response. She suggested we try to get a referral for a new neurologist at the IWK. I spoke about this with the Saint John neurologist and he suggested that we start the ketogenic diet in Saint John instead. That didn’t really fly with us since they don’t work with children and this diet nearly as often (and not at all recently) as they do  in Halifax. Plus, Ryan can come along if we go to the IWK because he can work out of the Halifax office. We heard the neurologist should be back in October so I started calling again this morning and left another message.

So, there I am, changing Emmett’s diaper, and the phone rings. The phone has been ringing off the hook ALL week and I knew it would be Emmett/Doctor related so I grab him, naked legs and bum dangling, and sprint into the kitchen to grab the phone. I see “IWK” on the caller ID and then I feel like I’ve just won the lottery. Seriously. Every time I see those three letters pop up on the phone I get super excited and a wave of relief comes over me. Especially since we hadn’t heard back from the IWK, in any way shape or form, since winter. I try to hurry and answer before it goes to voicemail…

“HELLO!” ……….and then………. dialtone. At this point I felt like someone said “HEY YOU JUST WON A MILLION DOLLARS! …. er, nevermind. Psych!” And to make things worse, they didn’t bother to leave a message.

Here comes the funny part (funny now, but never funny in the moment, mind you). I often get in this little dramatic mindset which sends me reeling and thinking that the world is ending for about five minutes. This time it was, “WE’LL NEVER HEAR FROM THE IWK AGAIN! THIS WAS OUR ONLY CHANCE! WE’RE DOOMED.”

That honestly crossed my mind. Hilarious! I know. It’s not like the IWK exploded into smithereens or anything. After my crazy subsided I just called and left another message. Wow, simple right? I KNOW.

The phone rang again 20 minutes later and I saw those three letters emblazoned on the caller ID.


She sounded so calm, too. Damn her for sounding so calm because my brain was still in frantic-freak-out mode. She told me that the neurologist would be back October 1st or 2nd, and there has been a request put in to get Emmett admitted for the ketogenic diet. We should hear back in October in regards to a date.

And now my blood pressure has returned to normal.

Now we just wait until we get that call. We will meet with the dietician here in Fredericton on the 4th and hopefully we’ll have more info by then. I’m feeling nervous about starting him on the diet because there are so many unknowns right now. I’ve read about how this diet has helped so many other kiddos so I’m feeling hopeful that it can help our Emmett, too.

Right now, I’m just looking forward to Friday. Why, you ask? We are having a brand spanking new sectional delivered to our house. All I want to do is sit on it and be comfortable. That’s it, that’s all. Comfort. Plain and simple.

I know I posted this on facebook yesterday, but I’m posting it again because it’s AWESOME.


Author: Nicole Valdron

Just a loving mama.

One thought on “Phone Calls, Phone Calls & Mrs. Drama Queen

  1. Loving the blog Nicole. Thanks for the updates. I just love seeing him get up on all fours! As always, such a little sweetie. You guys take care and keep your sense of humor!

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