Wildman Emmett!

This turkey's determined.

Big Fish


Hooray for PT day! We always look forward to these appointments because his therapist is awesome, Emmett gets to play and work hard and Ryan and I get really great ideas on what we can do with Emmett at home.

If you know anything about Emmett, you know he has to move 24/7. This is mainly for sensory purposes. Since he has a VI (visual impairment) he can’t rely on the world around him to keep him engaged and stimulated all the time. So bubs needs to be rolling, bouncing, kicking and practicing his crawl position (which I LOVE). But lately it’s become a bit of a problem when we put him in his high chair. He rocks back and forth. A lot. And smashes his head into the back of the high chair, which can trigger some seizures. He doesn’t like to be still. Ever (unless he’s sleeping). So, feeding him can be difficult. We usually have to put a hand behind his head or neck to try and settle him and redirect him back to his food (and from not getting a spoon lodged in his throat). We mentioned this to his PT and she thought it might be a good idea to try a different therapy with him. She put him in a cuddle swing (mesh hammock) and it looked like all he needed was a sandy beach beneath his feet! And maybe a fancy umbrella drink. The idea behind this is to promote a calming feeling by providing deep touch pressure. He seemed to really like swinging around and if it does help get his need for the bouncies out we might just get one put in our house for him. I’m all for fun therapeutic ways to keep him engaged! It would be interesting to put him in it, before we put him in his highchair, to see if it can fulfill that need to thrash about while eating.

And now for the good stuff!

Oh, dear. Emmett doesn’t seem ready for an action packed workout.

Outside the window in the waiting room

Getting warmed up and ready to rock!

In the swing!

Looks like he’s been caught.

Netting imprints, oops!

Checking out his surroundings. I think the netting gave him some neat visuals.

Nice and cozy

Crazy net hair

Wrapping up his session with some crawl position action!

Saying goodbye to the Tickle Me Ernie


Author: Nicole Valdron

Just a loving mama.

4 thoughts on “Big Fish

  1. You are wonderful. And your family is wonderful. ❤

  2. Just read this Nicole…Kirsten has always always been a rocker / head banger. She sits in any chair and it starts and she like Emmett bangs her head hard and repeatedly. I have never liked this behaviour although I have never actively sort to stop it. As soon as she got old enough I asked her why she did it. She says because ” it makes me feel good”. If I ask for more she says it helps her concentrate.
    Kirsten NEEDS to be continually active/stimulated to be ‘happy’ , forced to sit, she rock/bangs! even if it is watching a movie on tv that she has selected / elected to watch.
    I often put it down to tiredness/boredom but maybe there is more to it….maybe …any how …wanted to share this just in case it helps on some front. Hugs A

  3. Thanks, Anya! We’ve always been told that he’s done it for sensory/stimulation. It makes Emmett feel good to be constantly bouncing/jumping/rocking. Emmett sounds just like her in the sense where if he’s forced to sit (high chair, car seat, stroller) he rocks and bangs. So far we think it’s due to boredom, especially since his vision doesn’t stimulate him as much. It does help to hear that Kirsten says she does it because it makes her feel good, though. It’s hard not knowing what goes through Emmett’s little head!

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